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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

How do I look after my Trade 20?

Brush Mate should be your go to brand for professional painting and decorating tools. One of our core products for paint brush care is the Trade 20.


What is the Trade 4+? Is it suitable for the keen DIYer?

Brush Mate Trade 4+At Brush Mate we are trying to broaden our horizons and not only focus our products on the trade painters and decorators but also the keen DIYer.


Did you know we’re on social media?

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We all love it, Social Media. Most of us are on it every day, scrolling through those Tweets and posts of memes, but do you follow your most important page Brush Mate?


The Can Handle; making working with ladders a good combination again

When painting an area which is out of reach you need to use a ladder to help you, however ladders and paint are not always a good combination. This is where the Brush Mate Can Handle can help!


College Visits – What did we do?

From the end of 2018 to the start of 2019 we have conducted college visits in North West Colleges who study painting and decorating.

Our aims were to inform the next generation of painters and decorators about the Brush Mate brand and how our products can make their lives easier.


Do you want to know the secret of the Trade 20?

Providing high quality painting and decorating accessories for the trade painter and keen DIYer, we love letting our customers know all about how the products work so that they know they’re getting the best of the best!

One of our core products is the Trade 20 paint brush storage system… do you know how it works?


Did you know we now have a newsletter?

We now have a newsletter and it’s about time too!


What is Aroma?

Do you or your clients dislike the smell of oil based paints? Do you wish there was something you could do to mask the smell? Well such a product exists, the Brush Mate Aroma!!


Where can I buy Brush Mate products?

Paint Brush Storage in CheshirePurchasing your Brush Mate paint brush storage systems and decorating accessories is a lot easier than you may think.