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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Do you want to know the secret of the Trade 20?

Providing high quality painting and decorating accessories for the trade painter and keen DIYer, we love letting our customers know all about how the products work so that they know they’re getting the best of the best!

One of our core products is the Trade 20 paint brush storage system… do you know how it works?

How does it work?

The Trade 20 uses a specially formulated solvent known as Brush Mate Fluid to prevent the paint on your brushes drying. The fluid is stored in a bottle within the brush box. It is drawn from the bottle and up a wick onto the central vaporiser panel. This panel absorbs the fluid an emits a vapour which enables your brushes to be keep in the same state over a long period of time. As long as your Fluid is topped up you can keep your brushes in the Trade 20 indefinitely.

This unique process allows you to store your paintbrushes hassle free making it a must have paint tool! The key thing to note is that it is ONLY effective with OIL BASED paints.

The Trade 20 is an easier, mess free way to store your oil based paint brushes. Some decorators still like to use the old fashioned pot of water, however all you need is to go over a bump in your van and you have water and stains everywhere! This is not ideal and not what you need, which is why you need a Trade 20!

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