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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Preserve Your Paint Brushes – Easily, Affordably

Preserve Your Paint Brushes Are you wondering how to preserve your paint brushes? Painting, whether it is for a renovation project or your profession, requires good quality paint brushes. The problem lies in maintaining their integrity and minimising waste. One might think that replacing a paint brush before starting a new project isn’t a big deal. However, if this is a continuous process, imagine the amount of money you’ll waste on new paint brushes. Most painters store their paint brushes in jars of solvent. While this can work, it is an inconvenient and often messy choice. Why not take a look at the Brush Mate Paint Brush Storage Solution? You’ll be thrilled!

There is an excellent way to preserve your paint brushes that is easily accessible. The idea behind this innovative system is to make the lives of painters and decorators easier. This paint brush storage system allows you to store your wet paint brushes easily and conveniently. On top of this, the paint brushes are ready for use, whenever you need them. Using this system means no wastage, no rusty ferrules, no mess and no bent bristles. The system has a storage container in which you can store up to 20 paint brushes.  The unique vapour solution within keeps the paint brushes soft, pliable and ready for use. The system is easy to use. Moreover, it will save both time and money.

Want a unique way to preserve your paint brushes? Simply contact Brush Mate today and find out more about the innovative paint brush storage system. It is available in 2 handy sizes – the Trade 20 and Trade 4+. The former is ideal for the professional painter and can hold up to 20 brushes at a time. It is of a rugged design and has a steel body. In addition, it has a steel carrying handle for extra strength. The latter of the 2 is best for the DIY enthusiast. It holds 4 brushes easily and is also easy to transport. You can preserve your paint brushes easily with Brush Mate’s Paint Storage System. Get yours today!

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