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What is Aroma?

Do you or your clients dislike the smell of oil based paints? Do you wish there was something you could do to mask the smell? Well such a product exists, the Brush Mate Aroma!!

We all know that one of the flaws of working with oil based paints can be the smell. Many decorators and clients can find the smell from oil-based paints uncomfortable so what can you do to solve this problem?

The Brush Mate Aroma is a product that can be added to oil-based paint. A few drops and a quick stir will mask the smell of oil-based paints and instead produce a pleasant fragrance which most people say smells like Parma Violet sweets.

Aroma is handy little accessory to keep in your van! It can turn painting with oil-based paints into a pleasant job as oppose to an uncomfortable one!

Why not find your local Brush Mate Stockist and purchase yourself one of the little bottles of joy now!