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Brush Mate Fluid (Pack of 2)

£16.97 inc. VAT

2 x 250ml bottle of refill fluid for use with the Trade 20 and Brush Bucket



2 x 250ml bottles of refill fluid for use with the Trade 20 and Brush Bucket.

Brush Mate Fluid is sold in packs of 2.


Brush Mate products are suitable only for use with oil based paints and varnishes.


How long will the fluid last in my Trade 20?

This depends on a number of factors (see below). Typically a Trade 20 will consume about 2 – 3 ml of Brush Mate Fluid per day, so you may expect to replace the bottle of Brush Mate Fluid every 3 – 4 months. However, in some circumstances (e.g. if you store your Trade 20 in a van where there are large temperature fluctuations) consumption can be greater. Different paints and usage of your Brush Mate products may affect efficiency, make sure to check your brushes regularly.

How do I minimise fluid consumption in my Trade 20 / Brush Bucket?

Ensure the lid is properly in place at all times except when removing or replacing brushes.

Preferably only remove the lid in still air conditions.

Whenever possible store your Trade 20 or Brush Bucket in a cool, draught free position.

Avoid keeping your Trade 20 or Brush Bucket in a place where there are large variations in temperature.

Ensure regular servicing and maintenance of your Brush Mate equipment.


Safety Data Sheet – MSDS