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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

What To Do With Paintbrushes Between Coats?

Paintbrushes Between CoatsIf you are a painter, do you know what to do with paintbrushes between coats? Waiting for the paint to dry can take time. You may need a safe way to store your brushes while you wait for the applied coat to dry. Many painters keep their brushes inside the paint, yet this is not sustainable as exposure to the air can dry it up. Dried-up paint on your brushes makes them rigid, inconsistent and ineffective. Also, some structures have heavy paint that may need a day or two before applying the next layer. If you don’t have a safe place to store your brushes, you may need to buy another one. We have cost-effective paint storage solutions that help painters save time, money and other challenges.

Our brush storage solution is applicable for commercial, domestic and DIY painters. Several painters and artists are unsure what to do with paintbrushes between coats. When you apply a coat of paint on a wall, it must dry before applying another coat. While the paint dries, you can use one of our storage systems to keep it moist and flexible. Our solution ensures you are always ready to pant whether you took a five-minute or five days break. Our storage systems prevent your brushes from drying out and losing their effectiveness.

We have several brush storage solutions if you don’t know what to do with paintbrushes between coats. Our storage systems vary in size ranging from four brushes to above 20. The small brush bucket is known as the Trade 4+, while the larger bucket is the Trade 20. Contact Brush Mate today for a long-term paintbrush storage solution. Our brush buckets suspend the brushes in a vapour rather than liquid and enable you to store wet brushes instantly for any length of time. Our system prolongs brush life and eliminates the development of rusty ferrules and bent bristles.