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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Top Quality Paint Brush Storage in Leicestershire Makes Life Easier

Paint Brush Storage in Leicestershire Paint brush storage in Leicestershire is easy enough once you have them clean, soft and looking new again. That’s the hard part because it could take hours to get them that clean after using them all day. Even then, odds are you will find a few stiff bristles and a couple of wild hairs sticking out once they’re dry. That’s why do-it-yourselfers will often wrap their used wet brushes in plastic wrap overnight if they plan to use them again the next day. The painters don’t even try to clean them. They don’t get a professional looking finish because they’re using cheap brushes. It is done because once that room is painted they’re going to throw the brush away. Nobody is paying them for a professional job. Just don’t look too close at the finished walls.

Professional painters don’t have the luxury of throwing used brushes away and leaving a less than professional finish on the walls. The good news for both professional and domestic painters is in Leicestershire, paint brush storage solves the problem. You might think it’s a miracle but it’s not. It’s just a bit of genius. Brush Mates is available in two sizes; Trade 20 which holds 20 brushes and the Trade 4+ which holds 4 brushes. All you do is clip your wet brushes into the built in brush holders inside the Brush Mate. Add the vapour system magic which can be purchased in small quantities or in bulk. Close the lid tight and forget about it. Within hours, your brushes will be clean and soft; ready to use. However, you can leave them safely stored for days or months and they’ll still be fine.

Brush Mate is a game changer for paint brush storage in Leicestershire because storing and cleaning is a one step process. Professional painters, imagine the hours you’ll save at the end of each day. Or, you could actually work longer each day and get the job done sooner. That way you would get paid sooner and might be able to manage  a day off. Contact Brush Mate or visit one of our stockists. We can answer all your questions about price, safety and how it works. Homeowners, buy yourself a nice edging and finish brush to make your work easier and look more professional. You won’t have to throw those expensive brushes away. All you have to do is store them in your Brush Mate.


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