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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

The Best Paint Brush Storage Ensures Clean, Strong Brushes

The Best Paint Brush Storage The best paint brush storage is available to assist all types of painters. You may be wondering what the best paint brush storage is. Perhaps you have always stored your paintbrushes in a jar between uses. Or, it may be that you prefer to wrap the heads of the brushes in cling wrap. However, there is another, innovative and highly effective method in which to store your paintbrushes. Brush Mate offers an exceptional paint brush storage available. An innovative method, it is highly effective and is considered a leading paint brush storage systems. We offer the Brush Mate System in different sizes. This means that, regardless of whether you are a professional painter or an artist, your paint brushes will remain in top shape.

The best paint brush storage ensures that your paint brushes remain is an excellent condition. If you soak your brushes in solvent or water, the bristles start to bend and wear, the ferrule rusts, and paint can harden in the stock. Additionally, it can be difficult to move your paint brushes from one place to another.  Our storage system is an excellent, hassle-free option. As such, our Brush Mate system uses vapour, not liquid, to store your brushes. This alleviates the problem of rust as well as the mess. All you need to do is clip your brushes to the sides, suspend them in the box upside down, and you won’t damage or bend the bristles. Using the vapour keeps your paint brushes soft and pliable for months. They’ll be ready to use again whenever you need them.

The best paint brush storage is available at excellent process. Hence, our Trade 20 is ideal for commercial professional use. As a result, it can hold up to twenty large paintbrushes at a time. The smaller Trade 4+ is handy for the DIY painter or studio artist and is just as effective. Effective, convenient, innovative, and affordable, our brush storage is the perfect solution. So, speak to us about a quote – you’ll find that our prices are competitive. To find out more about our brush storage, contact Brush Mate today. You’ll find that it will exceed your expectations. It is, indeed, the best!

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