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Should You Wet Brush Before Painting?

Should You Wet Brush Before Painting?One of the questions that often comes up before painters is “Should You Wet Brush Before Painting?” The answer also depends on the type of paint you are working with. When you are using a  water base paint, it’s essential that your brush remains damp by dipping it in water. In the case of oil base paints, you can dampen it with turpentine. This allows the brush to flow smoothly across the surface. It enables the bristles to stay soft and flexible. Damp brushes prevent splattering of paint, making cleaning up easier. We have the perfect system to make sure that your paint brushes are always ready to use. Our system is a great option for both DIY enthusiasts as well as professional painters.

When you want to know whether you should wet brush before painting, it’s important to get the right advice. We provide a comprehensive range of products to suit your unique requirements and working conditions. This system is ideal for oil paints and varnishes. It helps you to save time, effort and money in the long run. When you launch a painting project, you need your brushes to be in top condition whenever you need them. You may have to stop work for a short break, or overnight. At this point, traditionally, paint brushes were into jars of solvent and left till they were necessary. This process is effective, but it is messy and inconvenient. If you have to carry your brushes with you in your car, there’s a risk of spillage. If you leave brushes too long, the ferrule may rust, or the bristles get bent.

Our system perfectly answers the question “Should you wet brush before painting?” You can store brushes indefinitely, and start using them immediately without lengthy and messy cleaning.  The brushes are suspended in a vapour, and the entire kit is easy to transport. Contact Brush Mate right away for more details on our paintbrush storage system. Our team would be glad to give you all the inputs you require. We have different options that you can explore based on your needs.

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