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Should You Store Paint Brushes Upside Down?

Paint Brush Storage Many painters, especially beginner painters, store paint brushes upside down in a jar until they’re ready to continue with their painting project. It may seem like a convenient way in which to store a paint brush. However, it is best not to store them this way. In fact, it is advisable to avoid this method completely.

Upside down storage has no up side for paint brushes

  • Storing paint brushes upside down can cause any leftover liquid still inside the bristles of the brush run down. It can run into the area where the bristle meets the handle. This could damage the brush.
  • If the paint brush has a wooden handle, the liquid can cause it to swell. This then bends the metal that holds the bristles in place. Once it dries, the wood of the handle is likely to shrink and this can cause the bristles to fall out.
  • In addition, storing them upside down can ruin the shape of the bristles.

Choose an easier, convenient way

If you use paint brushes regularly, you’re aware of the difficulty of storing them between painting sessions. Oil based paint is difficult to remove from your paint brushes. Using jars of solvent to clean your paint brushes can be both inconvenient and tedious. However, there is a great paint brush storage system that both cleans your brushes – and stores them correctly.

Brush Mate paint brush storage is the ideal way in which to store your paint brushes. Whether you have completed your project or need to continue the following day, this system ensures your paint brushes are ready to use, when you need them.

We offer the Trade 20, Trade 4+ and Brush Bucket. Simply clip your paint brushes in the container and let the unique vapour system keep the brushes soft and pliable – ready to use when you need them.

You can clip your paint brushes in the container, bristles down. As there is no liquid in this storage system, nothing will drip down the paint brush. In fact, the brushes are suspended in the vapour. For more details about our innovative paint brush storage system, contact Brush Mate today. Brush Mate is the perfect way to store your paint brushes, ensuring they are safe from harm.

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