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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Salford, Effective, Convenient and Affordable

paint brush storage in SalfordWhen paint brushes are your daily work tools, paint brush storage in Salford is an important consideration.

Good paint brushes are expensive and every painter has their favourite for each phase of the job. In order to work efficiently, brushes need to be at hand when you need them and in like new condition. For that to happen, you would have to spend a lot of time cleaning those brushes after each use. That process alone could add a couple of hours to the end of your workday. Even then, you can end up with wonky bristles sticking out or stiff clusters of bristles. Either could disrupt a perfect paint job. Even water-soluble latex paint is difficult to completely remove from a brush.

Brush Mate is a company that supports commercial professional painters and decorators with products that make their job easier and more professional. In Salford, paint brush storage and cleaning is made quick and easy with our Brush Mate cleaning and storage products. Each rugged storage container or Brush Mate is equipped with clips inside to hold brushes. Choose your size of four, twelve or twenty brush holders. Clip your used wet brushes into the container and drop in the vaporizing liquid. Close the lid and you are done. The vaporizing action cleans your brushes completely and maintains them in like new condition. You can store them in the spill proof container for months or use them again within hours.

Paint brush storage in Salford has never been easier. Our cleaning and storage containers are made of steel, but they are lightweight and portable. Since they are well sealed, they are easy and safe to transport in your work van. As such, when you need a brush, you open the container and remove your brush. It’s ready to go with no stiff bristles, dried paint flecks or rust. When you are finished, don’t clean the brush at all. Put it in the Brush Mate and close the lid. Further, you are done for the day and your brush will be ready to use again tomorrow. Moreover, your brushes will last longer and you will get some extra time at the end and the beginning of your workday. For more information about Brush Mate, contact us. Domestic do-it-yourselfers love our Brush Mate too. Usually the Trade 4 size is ideal for them.

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