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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Effective, Easy to Use and Affordable Paint Brush Storage in Nottingham

Paint Brush Storage in Nottingham Paint brush storage in Nottingham from Brush Mate is an ingenious solution for anybody who deals with paints. Storage and cleaning brushes after a hard day’s work can be harrowing. It is also expensive to invest in new brushes just because there isn’t a good way of keeping them fresh and ready for a new day. Brush Mate’s super brush cleaning system – the innovative Trade 20 brush care and storage system and the Trade 4+ , a smaller version, save many  valuable hours of hard cleaning and heartbreak. Today they are, and rightfully so, indispensable to professional artists, decorators and painters.

For professionals and craft enthusiasts in Nottingham, paint brush storage has made life easier. The traditional way of soaking wet brushes in solvents or water is an impractical, ineffective and inefficient way to do so.  Accidental spills and damages were some of the disadvantages. Today one can enjoy a painting experience without dealing with bent or matted brush bristles and rusty ferrules! The Trade 20 and Trade 4 Systems are designed for the sturdy work hands of painters who need tough but easy to use kits if they are to be of any help as handy companions. The Trade 20 comes with a strong steel body and a nylon lid ideal for professionals, the Trade 4+ is good for less heavy, fun jobs and general DIY use.

Paint brush storage in Nottingham like the Trade 20 and T4+ systems by Brush Mate has many advantages and these products are sought after by  every professional in the country. They can hold from four to twenty brushes through  a neat, clip on feature securing  them firmly in place.  The cleaning agent used is vapour and not liquid, thereby making it a no-mess feature, and a convenient one for use on site or in transit. Its hands-free cleaning system keeps brushes fresh and ready, adding to brush life, preventing damages, bent bristles or rust problems. To find out more about our paint brush storage systems, contact us today for your nearest supplier. The Trade 20, designed for heavy duty jobs has storage for a fluid bottle, a drip mat and a steel handle, while the user friendly T4+ is great for smaller projects.

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