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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in London – Convenient, No Mess, No Fuss Storage Solution

Paint Brush Storage in London Avoid the hassle of dealing with messy paintbrushes after work with the most efficient paint brush storage in London.

Decorators, Painters and DIY hobbyists struggle to manage their messy brushes after completing a paint job. It takes time to clean the paint or varnish off your brush before storage. Yet, storing brushes with paint gives you a challenging cleaning task the next time you want to use them. When the paint dries on your brush, the bristles stick together and become rigid. Once your brush dries out, it is challenging and time-consuming to restoring its flexibility. Rigid paintbrushes are hard to use because they don’t spread paint or varnish efficiently.

We are a dynamic trade company that designs products to simplify the lives of painters and decorators. In London, our paint brush storage solutions help you save time and resources. Our range of paint brush storage solutions is unlike any other in the market. Our solution allows you to clip your brush in our container without cleaning it. You can pick up your brush hours, days or weeks later and continue working as if you had never stopped. Instead of storing your brush in water, we use vapour to keep your paintbrush soft and pliable. Our leading products are Trade 20 and Trade 4+. The Trade 20 is best for commercial painters and can store up to 20 brushes. The Trade 4+ is better suited for hobbyists and only holds four paintbrushes.

We are the leading producer of problem-free paint brush storage in London. Our parent company has been supporting industries in the UK since 1965. As such, we work to uphold the company’s longstanding reputation for quality and excellent service. Our paintbrush storage system not only saves you time but also money. Our vapour storage solution increases the lifespan of your paintbrushes. It also prevents bent bristles and rusty ferrules. By keeping your brushes in optimal condition, our system saves you the trouble and cost of replacing your paintbrushes for every job. Contact Brush Mate now if you have any questions about our products. We will happily provide you with any information you need.

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