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Paint Brush Storage in York

Paint Brush Storage in YorkThe Brush Mate system for paint brush storage in York is our solution to an obvious need. We developed it primarily for decorators but anybody who has used a paintbrush can attest to the need. Nobody likes to clean up after painting; especially if they are going to pick up again where they left off in a day or two. You can stand before a faucet with warm running water holding paintbrushes thick with latex paint and clean the brushes pretty good. But even though latex paint cleans up with water, you will stand there all night trying to get all the paint out. When you finally think you have, the next morning you will find hard spots in the brush from dried paint, stiff bristles and rust.

But that’s not the worst thing; varnish and oil based paint is worse. In the past in York, paint brush storage for those brushes was a good soak in a jar of paint thinner or linseed oil on a shelf in the basement. Five years later we throw them out having never cleaned or used them again. Clearly, there had to be a better, less time consuming way to clean and preserve paint brushes. Well, there wasn’t so we developed Brush Mate Trade 20 which holds 20 brushes for painting contractors and Trade 4+ for four brushes that’s handy around your home. During clean up after painting just put your used paint brushes in the Brush Mate and close it up. When next you need your brushes, next day or next month, open the Brush Mate and retrieve your clean soft pliable brush.

There’s no magic involved in our paint brush storage in York. We use a unique vapour system that while sealed, cleans the brushes and keeps them ready to use. There is no liquid involved. You can safely keep the Brush Mate on your truck without fear of spills. The brushes are ready to use right out of the Brush Mate. You will always have the exact brush you want for the job at hand anytime. The brushes last longer as well so you feel more comfortable buying better quality brushes for a professional job. Don’t go back home or to the shop and spend your end of day cleaning paint brushes. Instead, contact us or visit your local stockist and pick up a Brush Mate. Clip you brushes inside, close it up and you’re ready for tomorrow. Tonight you can just relax.

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