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Paint Brush Storage in Sheffield

Paint Brush Storage in SheffieldWhy worry about paint brush storage in Sheffield when you can get the best solution from Brush Mate?

We provide top-quality, simple, efficient and cost-effective solutions to the perennial problems that every decorator faces. When a paint job stretches over several days or weeks, storing your brushes can be a real problem. Traditionally, painters immersed them in jars of water or solvent, or they carried them back and forth, with hours spent cleaning them after a hard day’s work. We revolutionised the industry and today, every top grade painter in the business across the UK uses a Brush Mate system to manage storage, cleaning and transportation of brushes. Whether you’re a professional decorator or a DIY enthusiast, we have a range of products to suit your needs, preferences and budget.

So what’s the buzz about Brush Mate? In Sheffield paint brush storage is a breeze. The system comes in a handy, smart-looking carry box, with a sturdy handle and we offer a full range of products and accessories to use. We have two options namely the Trade 20 and the Trade 4+ that can be used by professionals and hobbyists. From our deep study of the issue we found that traditional storage methods were messy, inefficient and could damage the brushes. Keeping them dipped in jars of liquid tends to bend the bristles, cause the ferrule to rust and leftover paint tends to harden without dissolving. Transporting the open jars in your van or car invariably results in spills. Our Brush Mate system uses a unique vapour action to gently but completely remove the paint residue from your brushes. You can store up to 20 brushes in the T20, and four large or more smaller brushes in the T4+ without worrying about cleaning them first.

When you select the Brush Mate system for paint brush storage in Sheffield, you can prolong the life of your brushes. We know just how attached painters get to certain brushes. For more information, contact Brush Mate today. Using our system means you don’t have to buy new ones for each job you undertake. Your favourite brushes are ready to go every time.

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