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Paint Brush Storage in Preston

Paint Brush Storage in PrestonIf your lack of a proper paint brush storage in Preston has deterred you from taking up any new painting projects, you’re in good company. Starting off a new canvas painting or updating the look of your room walls may be fun while it’s happening, but having to deal with cleaning the brushes afterwards may not be considered an ideal situation. It isn’t as if you can leave them as they are because that will damage them and not make them usable for next time. This will need you to purchase new ones, which just makes you spend money that could be spent elsewhere. However, that doesn’t have to be the case, and Brush Mate is the reason why.

Brush Mate is a company that offers smart and simple solutions for decorators and DIY enthusiasts. In Preston, paint brush storage technology ensures you keep your brushes for longer, and saves you the agony of washing them yourself. With the unique vapour system in the Trade 20 and Trade 4+ storage systems, all you have to do is clip the brushes into either of the systems, and let the vapour systems work their magic. They’ll keep the brushes soft and pliable, meaning they’ll be ready for immediate re-use no matter how much time has passed. This system also keeps the bristles straight and doesn’t result in rusted ferrules, so the brush life is extended. This will save you money on having to re-buy brushes every time you neglect to wash after their last use. We understand the hassle it takes when it comes to taking up painting projects, and that is why we wish only to make life easier for all painters out there.

Get the paint brush storage system in Preston that will leave you looking forward to painting even more. Contact Brush Mate today and find out how you can acquire it. Feel free to check out the Can Handle and Andy Sandy Family products as well.

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