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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Oxford

Paint Brush Storage in OxfordThe most efficient paint brush storage in Oxford is Brush Mate.  As DIY enthusiasts we often run into problems when it comes to storing a wet paint brush. Most people put them in jars of water or other solvents. Regrettably, this always turns out to be a messy storage option. Moreover, it is time-consuming and costly.  Before you store your paint brush you must clean it. This can prove to be a daunting task. Fortunately, we offer unparalleled paint brush storage options. With our products, you don’t need to clean your paint brush before storage. You simply clip your brushes into our brush storage products and let the vapour system keep the brushes soft. It’s that easy.

Trade 20 and trade 4+ are all products from Brush Mate. In Oxford, paint brush storage solutions are sourced from us. We provide unique solutions to paint brush storage. Our products have excellent benefits. You can store your wet paint brushes instantly in our products. If you wish to re-use stored paint brushes, you can proceed without any cleaning. Unlike traditional storage systems that use solvents, our paint brush storage system uses vapour. This means that you are guaranteed no damaged bristles or rusty ferrules on your paint brush. With our paint brush storage products, you prolong brush life and also save a lot of time on cleaning paint brushes.

Brush Mate has become synonymous with paint brush storage in Oxford. We offer innovative solutions that give other companies a run for their money. Our paint bush storage equipment is compact and easy to use. The Trade 20 can hold up to 20 brushes and features a 250ml bottle of fluid and a drip mat. It’s complete with a steel carrying handle and a stable design that doesn’t spill.  On the other hand, the Trade 4+ is compact in size but can carry up to 4 large brushes. It is impregnated with Vapour Mate pad that has no fluid. To find out more about our paint brush storage solutions, contact Brush Mate.  We have a full range of spares and accessories for our products to guarantee you lifelong benefits.

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