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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Nottingham

Paint Brush Storage in NottinghamPaint brush storage in Nottingham has been, for years, the conventional method of jam jars and cleaning solvent. While this has worked, it has also proved to be messy and inconvenient. If you were asked to try a revolutionary paint brush storage method, it is highly likely that you would respond with a resounding yes! We offer a superlative solution to paint brush storage.

For painters and decorators in Nottingham, paint brush storage is now convenient, odour free and easy to use. The Trade 24, and the smaller Trade 4+ allow for storage of wet paint brushes without cleaning them. No more clumps of dried paint or the hassle of cleaning your brushes before packing them away. Brush Mate’s paint brush storage system is uniquely designed to keep your brushes soft and pliable, and ready for immediate re-use hours, days or even months later. All you need to do is clip your paint brushes in the Brush Mate Trade 22 or Trade 4+, and let the vapour system keep your brushes soft and pliable, and ready to be used the next time you wish to paint. No mess and no fuss!

Paint brush storage in Nottingham is an excellent method of keeping your paintbrushes in excellent condition, and ready to use.  There ae numerous advantages to using this system – your paintbrushes will last for a longer period of time, your brushes will not have bent bristles or rusty ferrules, and best of all, it is time saving and convenient! For more information about our fantastic paint brush storage system, contact Brush Mate. The Trade 24 is a durable, made with steel body and chunky nylon lid. It holds 20 brushes is ideal for the professional painter. It is available with a 250ml bottle of fluid and drip mat, a steel carrying handle and has a stable design suitable for no-spill transport. The smaller Trade 4+ is great for smaller jobs and general DIY use. It can hold up to 4 larger brushes, or a bigger number of smaller brushes. It has an impregnated vapour pad, and has no fluid, making is easy to transport and use.

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