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Paint Brush Storage in Nottingham

Paint Brush Storage in NottinghamThere is a great deal of information about proper paint brush storage in Nottingham. As a matter of fact you could read 707,000 articles on this very subject. We’re pretty sure there are not 707,000 ways to store your paint brush but even if there are, only one way is easy, mess free, quick, and good for your paint brush. The solution is by Brush Mate and it’s their unique storage system. Your expensive paint brushes will always be clean and ready to use. We invented Brush Mate Trade 20 and the Trade 4+ to help decorators save time and their favourite paint brushes.by eliminating the need to soak and wash the brushes.

The Brush Mate Trade 20 container holds up to 20 paint brushes clipped inside. In Nottingham, paint brush storage with Brush Mate means you can put your brushes into the container wet with oil or water based paint, varnish, or gloss. Close the secure storage container to release our specialised vapour system and your brushes will be soft, clean and ready to use within hours. However, you can leave them for months if you don’t need them. That’s especially useful for homeowners using our Brush Mate 4+ that holds 4 brushes. No more stiff brushes with bent and broken bristles or hard spots where paint just won’t clean away.

Before Brush Mate’s paint brush storage in Nottingham, you could spend hours each week cleaning brushes and still not have them as clean and pliable as when you use our vapour system. Professional decorators use expensive quality brushes to paint surfaces that are visible because that’s how they get the fine finish. When using our Brush Mate storage system, brushes last longer requiring fewer replacements. Contact Brush Mate to learn more about our Brush Mate paint brush storage system. We’ll help you locate the stockists nearest you. Many people love to paint but nobody likes the clean up. With Brush Mate, nobody has to clean brushes anymore. Brush Mate makes other time and energy saving products for decorating contractors. Try them all and see if your work day isn’t a little easier.

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