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Paint Brush Storage in Norfolk

Paint Brush Storage in NorfolkPaint brush storage in Norfolk has never been easier than with Brush Mate. Painting is a messy job. Although the outcome is often stunning, the process is filled with spills and other eventualities. However, some problems that come with painting are manageable. A good storage system minimises damage on the paint brushes and the mess surrounding the entire job. As a result, a set of paint brushes can serve you for years without losing the bristles. Paint brushes take on various types of paints. The solutions are often harsh and if left to settle on the bristle they damage the paint brush. Often the bristles stiffen and break when stored in a dry place. Without bristles, the paint brush is practically useless.

Brush Mate is one of the leading merchants when it comes to paints and decorations. In Norfolk, paint brush storage solutions are stocked in our stores to ensure you enjoy the entire lifespan of your paint brushes. Our wet paint brush storage solution is an unrivaled weapon in the arsenal of a professional decorators. The Trade 20 and the Trade 4+ are our top selling paint brush storage solutions. They are not only practical but also convenient. Storage of wet paint brushes in solvents is messy, costly and time-consuming. We invented a unique vapour storage system that brings back the fun in painting and allows users to store paint brushes indefinitely. The Trade 20 and Trade 4+ vapour system keep paint brushes soft and pliable. The system only needs you to clip the brushes into the storage unit and the rest is left to our ingenious storage mechanism. Without any pre-cleaning, your paint brush will ready for use hours, days or months later.

If you are looking for the best paint brush storage in Norfolk, your search stops at Brush Mate. We are provide simple and smart solutions for decorators. If you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional decorator our paint brush vapour storage system is what you need to make work easier and fun. Contact us today and get the Trade 20 or the Trade 4+ for your paint brush storage needs. We offer simple quality solutions at affordable prices.

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