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Paint Brush Storage in Doncaster

Paint Brush Storage in DoncasterStop worrying about proper paint brush storage in Doncaster. With Brush Mate’s revolutionary new storage solutions, you no longer have to replace brushes between jobs. Good quality paint brushes are tools of the trade. If they’re well cared for, they can last for years. They’re expensive and additionally, most professional painters have a favourite brand or model that they use for different jobs. Replacing them can be difficult because sometimes the exact make or model is out of stock at your hardware store or the manufacturer simply stopped making them. Cheap or disposable brushes are good only for gluing or painting exteriors. Professional painters have a range of brushes that they use for different applications. For instance, wider and flat-bottomed wall brushes are used for interior walls, trim brushes are used for finer work, while sash  ortrim brushes give precise results. Keeping all these brushes soft, clean and ready for use after each use can be a challenge.

For the home decorator in Doncaster, paint brush storage while pausing or resting in the middle of a job pose difficulties. Modern, quick-drying paints can  harden within an hour, making the bristles stiff and thick. The brush’s ferrule retains colours that remain hidden till you use the brush again with a different colour. Some paint-pails have a magnetic edge that allows the metal ferrule of the brush to rest on it when you’re taking a break. This allows the bristles to remain immersed in paint till you resume work. Some painters wrap the brush in cling-film if they have to take a long pause or store the brush overnight. The most common way to clean brushes or store them overnight is to immerse them in a jar of water or solvent. However, this method is both messy and inconvenient. If you have to transport these jars in your car, you could end up with spills inside the vehicle. Bristles get bent and ferrules can rust too.

Brush Mate’s system of cleaning by vapour action protects your brushes and ensures their long life: it’s a great solution for paint brush storage in Doncaster for professional painters and DIY enthusiasts alike. To find out more about our revolutionary paint brush storage, contact Brush Mate. With our system, you no longer have to worry about damaged paint brushes.

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