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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Manchester

Paint Brush Storage in ManchesterFor a great alternative to the usual paint brush storage in Manchester, speak to Brush Mate.  More often than not we carry out renovation projects on our own. Unfortunately, such DIY projects present a hurdle when it comes to storage of wet paint brushes. What happens when you have not finished painting and you need to store your wet paint brush? The solution lies in our modern paint brush storage units that are able to hold and store wet paint brushes. Using a new cutting edge vapour system, the storage units keep your brushes soft. To top it all off, you don’t even need to clean your brushes before storage. Just clip you paint brushes on the unit and let the vapour system work its magic.

For home decorators in Manchester, paint brush storage solutions are only found in Brush Mate. We deliver quality storage units that reliable and durable. We understand the hustle of storing wet paint brushes that’s why we have Trade 20 and trade 4+. These are the best wet paint storage units in the market. You can store wet paint instantly and reuse them without cleaning. Furthermore, our storage units guarantee no bristles or rusty ferrules will form on your paint brush. If you want perfect results in your DIY project, get one of our products. We are all about saving you the trouble of handling wet paint brushes.

Paint brush storage in Manchester is no longer a problem. Our storage units are guaranteed to keep your paint brushes safe and soft. To find out more about our paint brush storage system, contact Brush Mate. We use the new vapour technology and this comes with many benefits. Our storage equipment is simple and convenient.  The Trade 20 can store a maximum of 20 brushes. It features a drip mat and a 250ml bottle of fluid. It has a stable design that is complete with a steel carrying handle.  Alternatively, the Trade 4+ is compact in size but can carry 4 large brushes. It comes with a Vapour Mate pad that has no fluid.

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