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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in London

Paint Brush Storage in LondonPaint brush storage in London can be a nuisance, to say the least. Whether you dip your brushes in water or a solvent like turpentine, keeping them clean is difficult. Many painters – decorators, DIYers and artists alike – prefer to store their brushes wet and in the jar to avoid a more intensive cleaning process. However, wet storage of paint brushes has its own set of complications. Firstly, when soaking in water or solvent for extended periods of time, the bristles start to bend and wear, the ferrule rusts, and paint can harden in the stock. Secondly, keeping jars or buckets of water or solvent can be messy and a logistical disaster if you need to move your painting supplies around. For decorators and professional painting companies, a van full of jars sloshing around is not ideal, but other types of brush care and storage after every job is not feasible either. What if there was a way to wet store your paint brushes without the hassle?

Whether you paint houses or canvases in London, paint brush storage is surely one of your pet peeves, or even a major obstacle. Paint brushes used for gloss and varnish are some of the worst to keep clean and store easily. Our Brush Mate Wet Paint Brush Storage System uses vapour, not liquid, to store your brushes, eliminating the problem of rust as well as the mess. By simply clipping your brushes to the sides, you suspend them in the box without damaging or bending the bristles, and allow for complete coverage of the vapour. This keeps brushes soft and pliable for months, ready to use again whenever you need them.

When it comes to paint brush storage in London, Brush Mate is the obvious solution. Contact Brush Mate for a paint brush storage solution that is effective, convenient, innovative and affordable. Our Trade 20 is designed for commercial professional use, and can hold up to twenty large paintbrushes at a time. The smaller Trade 4+ is handy for the DIY painter or studio artist and just as effective.

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