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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in London – an Innovative and Convenient Solution

Paint Brush Storage in London We have developed a safer and more efficient method of paint brush storage in London.

Our company innovates several solutions to simplify the lives of painters. Our paint brush storage system is one of many products that save time and enhance the efficiency of painters at work. Hence, our leading paintbrush storage products are the Trade 20 and Trade 4+ systems. These systems allow the painter to store the wet brushes in vapour as opposed to water or any liquid. This option is more cost-efficient and less of a hassle as helps the painter avoid cleaning the brushes over and over or creating a mess after use. Instead, the wet brushes are kept moist in storage and are ready to use whenever the painter desires. The Trade 20 storage system also helps to preserve the life of the paintbrush.

We have been in operation since 2005. In London, our paint brush storage solutions are among the leading accessories bought by painters today. We also have a wide variety of products guaranteed to make it easier for any painter to achieve better results. These products include the Andy Sandy Family, Can Handle, and Aroma. The Andy Sandy Family is an alternative to sandpaper shaped specifically for grip, safety, and endurance. This product gives the service equivalent of 200 sheets of regular sandpaper. Hence, this means that it lasts a lot longer, can be stored safely and used again later without losing its quality.

The Can Handle and Aroma is a product that complements our solutions for paint brush storage in London. The Can Handle enables painters to fasten any paint-can on a ladder and is easily adjustable depending on the user’s preference. With the Can Handle, painters don’t need to reach and turn for the paint while on the ladder. It, therefore, reduces the risk of accidents. Our fragrant product, Aroma, can mask the smell of oil paint while at work. Call Brush Mate today to order any of our painter products. We’ll be happy to explain all our products in more detail.

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