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Paint Brush Storage in Leeds

Paint Brush Storage in LeedsWhen a product like Brush Mate’s paint brush storage in Leeds, hits the market, it’s well received because it does what it promises to do.Painting contractors and decorators welcome a tool to make their job easier and more efficient. Time is money so when our affordable paint storage system took the place of old fashioned paint brush cleaning, cheers went up throughout the industry. Even do-it-yourselfers scooped up the Brush Mate Trade 4+ to end the worst task of interior decorating; cleaning paint brushes. Brush Mate is just as effective on varnish, stain and oil based products as it is on water based latex paints. It has been thrilling to bring a product to market that banishes the time consuming, messy job that follows the otherwise pleasant task of painting.

Before Brush Mate in Leeds, paint brush storage meant putting the paint brush in a jar of mineral spirits, setting it on a shelf and never using it again. If you did want to use it again, after soaking it you then had to clean the mineral spirits off with soap and water almost one strand at a time. After all of that there would still be hard paint specs and stiff bristles. Now you only need to put the brush in a brush mate, close the lid and the vapour, not messy liquids, keeps your brushes soft and pliable for use over and over. For days or weeks, leave your brush in the Brush Mate and when you’re ready take the brush out, grab your paint pot and start painting.

If you want to drag out a painting project, paint brush storage in Leeds makes it easy. Only have an hour to work on your painting project? No problem because your brushes are always ready with no time wasted on clean up. Painting contractors always have brushes at the ready for big projects. The Brush Mate Trade 20 accommodates 20 paint brushes. Break for lunch, the weekend or the holidays and when you return, grab your brush and go to work. Buy better quality brushes for a better finish because now you know you won’t throw them away.  Contact Brush Mate today for more information about our paint brush storage system. It’s the solution to one of life’s more unpleasant chores.

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