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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Lancing

Paint Brush Storage in Lancing By using the right paint brush storage in Lancing, more efficient, economical and mess-free painting is possible. At Brush Mate, we believe in making life easier for decorators and painters. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional decorator, our smart brush storage ideas keep your brushes soft, pliable and problem-free. As divisions of Gordon Products, Brush Mate and Earthborn offer products manufactured exclusively for the UK painting and decorating market. Gordon Products is a well-established business that has been developing and manufacturing metal and wire products for various industries for the last 50+ years. Brush Mate Trade 20 was the pioneering revolutionary wet paint brush care and storage system developed by us. It and our Trade 4+ system have been added to a wide range of products that make decorating and painting easier, swifter and safer.

For artists in Lancing, paint brush storage in earlier times involved a messy, cumbersome process. Used brushes were stored in jars of solvent or water, leading to rusting of ferrules, bending and damaging of bristles, paint hardening and spillage in your van. Cleaning used brushes is also a lengthy and difficult chore. Most painters tended to discard used brushes once the job was finished. This is an expensive and inefficient way to deal with the problem of cleaning and storage. Brush Mate is a unique system that saves you time and money. Simply clip your used brushes into the slots provided and the unique vapour system keeps your brushes clean, soft and in shape. This means your brushes are as good as new whenever you need to use them next. You don’t waste time cleaning brushes, or money buying new ones every time. Our system gives your brushes a longer life.

For bigger jobs, the Brush Mate Trade 20 is the best option for paint brush storage in Lancing. It holds up to 20 brushes and has a stable, portable design. Trade 4+ is suitable for smaller projects or DIY. It holds four large brushes or more of the smaller brushes. For more information about our innovative paint brush storage system, contact Brush Mate.  The system is designed for use with all oil-based paints and varnishes. We also provide a full range of accessories and spares.


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