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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Greenford, Excellent for DIY and Professional Painters

Paint Brush Storage in GreenfordFor superb quality paint brush storage in Greenford, get in touch with the experts.

We provide the safest and most convenient way to store your expensive paint brushes. Our patented system is ideal for both the professional painter and the average DIY enthusiast who believes in completing every project efficiently and economically. We constantly innovate and improve on our product range to bring you the best of storage facilities. Our products are available directly from our company or from leading painting and decorating firms across the UK. Moreover, we’re a trading division of Gordon Products UK, a more than half-century-old manufacturing firm that deals with wire forms and products.

We work in close collaboration with professionals in the trade and understand the importance of using the right paintbrushes. In Greenford, paint brush storage is of primary importance, since this ensures that every job is completed to perfection, with a professional finish. There are hundreds of brushes available for use with different types of paint and for different projects. Fiurthermore, the best paintbrushes improve with use and most professional painters have their favourites that they take great care of. One of the things that bother painters is storing and cleaning brushes at the end of the working day. If the project is not complete, the brushes need to stay soft, without the bristles getting hard and brittle and the ferrule safe from rusting. Painters may need to transport brushes up and down if adequate storage is not available onsite.

Paint Brush Storage in Greenford is easy when you use our products. Carrying paintbrushes in a bottle full of water or solvent is both messy and inconvenient. Hence, that’s where Brush Mate comes in. Moreover, our vapour-based cleaning system is ideal to store brushes for any length of time, gives you job-ready brushes every time, avoids bent or brittle bristles and rusty ferrules and prolongs the life of your expensive brushes. Moreover, you no longer waste valuable time cleaning and storing your brushes. Contact Brush Mate for efficient paint brush storage. We currently offer a new model – the Brush Bucket that can hold up to 12 brushes.

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