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Paint Brush Storage in Glasgow

Paint Brush Storage in GlasgowOne of the greatest things about paint brush storage in Glasgow  is that finally we have a place to store paint brushes. Remember how we always used these canning jars full of paint thinner or turpentine to store the used brushes in? We had hopes they would clean easier after marinating in those jars for a few days. We never knew where to store the jars so they wouldn’t get knocked over or kill us with their fumes. Most people settled on a shelf in the basement. Often it was the one under the little basement window. We’d line those jars up like rows of plants and there they sat for years. We not only have safe and ideal storage but this storage system actually cleans your brushes with no mess.

Our system is safe to carry on your contractor’s truck and it’s available without fear of spilling. For painting contractors and decorators in Glasgow, paint brush storage using Brush Mate will hold up to 20 brushes. Put them in wet with paint or varnish and the vapors will clean them and keep them ready to use. We also have a system that holds four brushes and is ideal for the home. Keep the brushes stored indefinitely. You can buy good quality paint brushes that perform better and use them repeatedly because they are so easy to care for. The system is cost effective, safe and best of all, it works perfectly. It is equipped with clips from which to hang the brushes and use only as many as you need.

Paint Brush Storage in Glasgow is stocked by many local decorator and contractor stores. Supplies are readily available like additional clips and vapor capsules. This  product is the best new product in recent history to make the work of painters and decorators easier. Really, for most of us, paint brush cleaning is the worse part of the job. Contact us for more information about our paint brush storage system. You can also find out about some of our other products that will make your life easier. Try our clog-free sanding block, safety can holding handle and aroma. If you are bothered by the smell of paint, add our floral aroma to improve the paint smell while you’re painting.  It’s the little things that help us get through the day.

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