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Paint Brush Storage in Fulham

Paint Brush Storage in FulhamFor many years, paint brush storage in Fulham has been the empty jam jar method. Many an artist or DIY enthusiastic has thrown away used paintbrushes because they have neglected to clean them after use. It may be because they were in a hurry to finish the task, or merely forgotten this important job. With Brush Mate’s innovative paint brush storage system, no one can blame haste or forgetfulness for ruined paintbrushes again!

Looking for a time-saving, easy to use paintbrush storage system? In Fulham, paint brush storage is as convenient as using Brush Mate’s Trade 20 or Trade 4+. We all know how time-consuming, costly and messy it is storing wet gloss and varnish brushes in jars of water or solvents. Most of the time, bristles bend, paint hardens in the stock, spillages happen and ferrules rust. With Brush Mate Trade 20 or Trade 4+, you don’t need to worry about cleaning your paintbrushes. Simply clip your brushes into the system and let the unique vapour system keep the brushes soft and pliable. All your brushes will be ready for immediate use, no matter when you need them. If you are a professional artist or decorator, you will benefit from using the Trade 20 system. It is rugged, with a steel body and carrying handle, and a chunky nylon lid. More importantly, it holds up to 20 brushes at a time, and comes with a 250ml bottle of fluid and drip mat. The smaller Trade+ can hold 4 paintbrushes, or a larger number of smaller brushes. It doesn’t use fluid as it has its own impregnated vapour mate pad.

Paint brush storage in Fulham is a convenient, no fuss system. For more information on about our innovative and handy storage system, contact Brush Mate today. Use our smart and simple solution and never again will you throw away a paint brush that couldn’t be cleaned.  We are extremely proud of our excellent reputation in the market place and the strong customer loyalty to our brand. Your satisfaction is integral to our commitment to providing a first class service.

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