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Paint Brush Storage in Fulham

Paint Brush Storage in FulhamProtect your paintbrushes and extend their life with the right paint brush storage in Fulham. Brush Mate provides technically advanced systems to help a range of clients. You may be a DIY enthusiast, jobbing painter or a professional decorator who uses good quality paint brushes to ensure that you do a perfect job. However, when the work stretches out over several days, it’s a challenge to store your paintbrushes and make sure that they remain soft and functional. Traditional methods of paint brush storage involve keeping them soaked in a jar of solvent or turpentine. This is a messy and inefficient method, especially if you don’t have a good place to store them in. This becomes even more difficult if you have to take your brushes back in your car with you every day. The risk of spillage is very high and you could end up having to clean up the mess and enduring the smell and fumes for a very long time.

Our system is simple, elegant and practical. In Fulham, paint brush storage is a revolutionary method of storing wet paint brushes and caring for them. It’s not advisable to keep discarding your brushes after every project because they’ve lost their softness, the ferrules have rusted or the bristles have become stiff and brittle. Brushes are expensive and with a little care, they can last for a long time. Most professionals have a favourite brand or product that gives the best results and they prefer to use them for all jobs. Proper storage ensures that you get the best results every time. Our storage systems are the Trade 20 for professionals and Trade 4+ for occasional users and DIY enthusiasts. This system comes in a sturdy box with a strong handle for easy carrying. The brushes are cleaned by being suspended in a vapour.

Paint brush storage in Fulham keeps your brushes clean and ready for use. Contact us for more information about our handy paint brush storage system. The Trade 20 model can hold up to 20 brushes and the Trade 4+ up to 4 large brushes or more smaller ones at a time and they have a very stable design.

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