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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Fort William – an Excellent, Convenient Option

Paint Brush Storage in Fort William Paint brush storage in Fort William can be tedious. Keeping your brushes clean can be difficult, regardless of whether you dip them in water or turpentine.  Some painters prefer to store their brushes wet and in the jar to avoid a more intensive cleaning process. However, wet storage of paint brushes can have negative results. When you soak your brushes in solvent or water, the bristles start to bend and wear, the ferrule rusts, and paint can harden in the stock. Furthermore, jars full of liquid are inconvenient, especially if you have to move from one job site to another. However, the good news is that there is another, convenient way to store your brushes.

You’ll likely find, in Fort William, paint brush storage is one of the challenges of your profession. The paint brushes that you use for gloss and varnish are some of the worst to keep clean and store easily. Yet, our Brush Mate Wet Paint Brush Storage System uses vapour to store your brushes. There is no liquid in our system. This, in turn, eliminates the problem of rust as well as the mess. Simply clip your brushes to the sides, suspend them in the box, and you won’t damage or bend the bristles. They will have complete coverage by the vapour.  This keeps brushes soft and pliable for months, ready to use again whenever you need them.

For an excellent option for paint brush storage in Fort William, Brush Mate is the best choice. Contact Brush Mate today and find out about an effective, convenient paint brush storage solution. Furthermore, it is an affordable option too. We’re happy to answer any questions you have. We’ll also provide a quote. Our Trade 20 is designed for commercial professional use, and can hold up to twenty large paintbrushes at a time. The smaller Trade 4+ is handy for the DIY painter or studio artist and just as effective. Our effective and innovative paint brush storage system is an excellent option for every painter.

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