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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Edinburgh

Paint Brush Storage in EdinburghOur company offers a revolutionary new system of paint brush storage in Edinburgh. It works on a unique vapour action and requires no cleaning before putting them in storage. The vapour cleans the brushes and keeps the bristles soft for as long as needed. The paint brushes can then be used days, weeks or months later. Thousands of decorators have saved time and money using this indispensable product. The paint brushes are hung inside the canister after use and left in the vapour. This cleans them and keeps them supple. The larger of the two units, the Trade 20, can hold up to 20 brushes and comes complete with a bottle of fluid and drip mat in a strong and stable container.

If you are tired of cleaning paint brushes or throwing away old paint brushes, then look at our wonderful new system. In Edinburgh, paint brush storage is easy with no mess and no fuss. Normally after painting the brush is cleaned either with a solvent or with water and put into a jar of appropriate liquid. Over time the ferrules rust and the bristles bend. The liquid evaporates and the brush becomes stiff and useless. The Trade 4+ will hold 4 large brushes or more small brushes. It has a Vapour Mate pad with no fluid. Mats can be changed when necessary.

Our marvellous system of paint brush storage in Edinburgh is well worth the price. Contact Brush Mate today to get your paint brush storage system or one of our other handy products. These have been created to make life easier for the DIY enthusiast as well as the professional decorator. Our Andy Sandy Family are clog-free sanding blocks that are the equivalent of 200 sheets of sandpaper. The Can Handle which allows a pot of paint to be secured to the ladder while painting. Our Aroma is a scent which masks the choking smell of fresh paint with a lovely floral fragrance. Several of our items carry the sought after Ecolabel accreditation for environmentally friendly products.

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