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Paint Brush Storage in Darlington

Paint Brush Storage in DarlingtonPaint brush storage in Darlington has come a long way and Brush Mate is the reason. Wrapping paint brushes in foil or plastic at the end of the day so they’ll be ready to go the next is messy. There are usually hard spots and thick globs that solidify overnight. However, most of us feel that’s better than cleaning brushes. Even latex paint which is water soluble is difficult to clean from brushes and messy. Gloss and varnish are even worse to clean. First you clean the brush, then your hands and then the sink. Some of us would rather buy cheap brushes and throw them away than clean or wrap. If you are a professional painter you know the value of a good paint brush to a job well done. You also have favourite paint brushes you won’t throw away.

As a contractor, you may spend weeks painting the interior of a large commercial building. For that project in Darlington, paint brush storage solutions by Brush Mate will make the job easier. The job may require only three colours but you have to switch back and forth among them during the work day. At no time will you have to stop and clean brushes as long as you use our innovative brush cleaning solution. The Brush Mate is a compact container with room for four or twenty brushes clipped inside. Professionals will want the twenty. We have a vapour system in the container that cleans your brushes thoroughly leaving them ready for reuse. You could leave the brushes stored for months and they will come out like new.

Paint brush storage in Darlington using Brush Mate offers the benefits of no messy clean up. Buy the quality brushes that make your job easier by laying down a smooth coat of paint with the first stroke. Ergonomic brush handles cost more but are comfortable to use. Your brushes will last longer when cleaned with Brush Mate technology and they will stay soft and pliable; no wild bristles. Contact us or visit one of our stockists to see first-hand how our innovative brush cleaner and storage system works. Brushes are clipped securely in the container and the container is sealed. At the end of the day, you don’t want to stand around cleaning brushes. Get your Brush Mate and you won’t have to.

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