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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Cumbria – Innovative, Convenient and Affordable

Paint Brush Storage in Cumbria Our top quality paint brush storage in Cumbria will save time, effort and money.

Our Brush Mate products are designed keeping you in mind. As a professional painter or DIY enthusiast, the most important tools are your paintbrushes. You chose them with care for different jobs and most probably paid a hefty sum for good quality brushes. Keeping them clean, soft and ready for the next project is time-consuming and tedious. Traditional methods of cleaning and storing brushes are messy and inefficient. Soaking them overnight in a jar of paint thinner or solvent is inconvenient, especially if you have to transport them to and from work. The risk of spillage into your van or car is high. This can also cause rust in the ferrules and bend the bristles out of shape, damaging your brushes permanently.

For painters in Cumbria, paint brush storage solutions that we offer are innovative, convenient and affordable. There is no liquid in the container, and the brushes are cleaned by our unique patented vapour action. This saves time spent on cleaning, and also increases the lifespan of your brushes. Today, our system is a boon to the busy decorator and painter who simply doesn’t have the time to thoroughly clean out paint brushes every day. Our system does the job in a few hours. You can store the brushes in the same container, conveniently designed like a carrying case for easy transportation.

We have several handy models suited for different needs of paint brush storage in Cumbria. Hence, the original Trade 20 model has a sturdy steel body, carrying handle, and tough nylon lid. Further, it’s for up to 20 paint brushes, it comes with a 250ml of liquid and its own drip mat. For smaller jobs and DIY projects, our Trade 4+ is the perfect choice. This resilient, nylon model can hold 4 large brushes and uses no liquid. Instead, the mat has Vapour Mate. Additionally, our latest product is the Brush Bucket, for large projects. Contact Brush Mate for more information on our range of products. Moreover, we also supply a range of accessories for use with all our models.

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