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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Cheshire, Saving you Time, Saving You Money

Paint Brush Storage in CheshireThe revolutionary new paint brush storage in Cheshire is ideal for all commercial painters and DIY enthusiasts.

A marvellous system, it allows you to simply clip your brushes into the Brush Mate without washing them. The vapour system will keep your brushes soft and pliable, ready for use, days or even months later. By using this unique system, you’ll save money on those brushes you normally throw away. Hence, the unit will store wet paint brushes instantly and the brushes are ready for use without cleaning. There is no liquid involved to spill out and ruin surrounding items. You can be sure that they are no bent bristles or rusted ferrules on your brushes.

You need never throw away a paint brush again. Thus, in Cheshire, paint brush storage and cleaning has a revolutionary new method to clean and preserve even the dirtiest brush. There are two sizes available. One holds a maximum of 20 brushes and comes complete with the 250ml bottle of special fluid and drip mat. It has a steel carrying handle and its design encourages stability. Further, the other system is suitable for small jobs and for the DIY enthusiast. It holds up to 4 large brushes or more small brushes. Moreover, it comes with an impregnated vapour mat. It is made from a resilient nylon compound. Additionally, extra brush clips are available. As such, this is so that you can arrange your Brush Mate to suit the number and sizes of your brushes.

We supply a unique and cost-effective paint brush storage in Cheshire. We are also a part of the Earthborn paint company which are high-performance products that are better for the environment and healthier to use than conventional petrochemical-based paints. Hence, several of the products carry the sought after Ecolabel accreditation. Furthermore, there is a strong loyalty to the brand by those who use the product. As such, our commitment to customer satisfaction is central to the Brush Mate philosophy. Contact Brush Mate today to order your Brush Mate system. Moreover, we take great pride in the responsive, reliable service and attention to detail of our products.

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