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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Chelsea

Paint Brush Storage in ChelseaAs a professional painter or DIY enthusiast, you know the importance of proper paintbrush storage in Chelsea. Brush Mate gives you the latest technology to keep your brushes clean, soft and ready for use whenever you need them. It was the first company to offer this revolutionary system in the UK, along with a number of related products that make your projects easier, more convenient and cost-effective. Traditionally, storing paintbrushes after use has always posed a problem. Decorators, hobbyists and professional painters generally dunked them in jars of water or solvent. This is not just messy, it’s also inconvenient, ineffective and harmful to the brushes. The bristles get bent out of shape, while the ferrules rust and become weaker, and paint residues harden in the stock. If you transport these jars to and from your workplace, there’s the risk of spillage and more mess inside your vehicle. The Brush Mate system is simple and effective.

For decorators and painters in Chelsea, Brush Mate can store your brushes for any length of time. Since they’re suspended in vapour and not liquid, there’s no mess or spillage. You don’t waste time cleaning your brushes. The system protects your brushes and ensures that they last for a long time, thus saving you money on purchasing new ones for each project. Most painters have a favourite brand or model of brush that they work best with. Brush Mate ensures that your preferred brush is clean, soft and ready for use whenever you need it. There are two models available. The Trade 20 is designed for professional painters. It can hold up to 20 brushes, comes with a 250 ml bottle of fluid and drip mat, has a steel carrying handle and a sturdy, stable design for convenient transportation.

If you’re a DIY painter, the Trade 4+ is the right choice for paint brush storage in Chelsea. It can hold up to 4 large or a larger number of smaller brushes. The size is handy and the container is made of resilient nylon. Contact Brush Mate today for more about our innovative paint brush storage system.  We provide the full range of accessories. You can purchase all products and accessories from our stockists all over the UK.

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