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Paint Brush Storage in Cardiff

Paint Brush Storage in CardiffBrush Mate’s paint brush storage in Cardiff is the best thing to happen to home decorators since quick dry water based latex paint, paint rollers and wonder of wonders, long handled paint rollers. Even with those modern miracles, we still have to clean paint brushes. Dip a paint brush with latex paint in water and you get plastic that has to be removed in strips. For some the preferred method for reuse is wrap the brush tightly in aluminium foil so it doesn’t dry out after each use and when the paint project is complete, throw the whole thing away. Good brushes are expensive and the landfills are better without paint so that method seems irresponsible. What you need is a Brush Mate paint brush storage.

Slip the used paint brushes in the storage container after each use. When you are ready for more painting in Cardiff, paint brush storage from Brush Mate will have your brushes clean as new and ready to use. It doesn’t matter how long; next day or next month your brushes will be ready to go. This brush cleaning method is perfect when you are painting with more than one colour in an area. Maybe you are painting the ceiling and trim one colour and the walls another. You may want to switch back and forth frequently as you make your way around the room Always having a clean brush makes that kind of efficiency possible.

You may wonder how Brush Mate’s paint brush storage in Cardiff works. The technology uses vapour action to clean and prolong the life of your paint brush without mess. If you are a professional painter, interior or exterior or both with a crew, the large size Brush Mate paint storage is for you. It holds 20 brushes. Maybe each crewmember having their own smaller Brush Mate would work better for your job. One thing is certain, the Brush Mate paint brush storage will save time and allow everyone to work more efficiently through paint decorating projects large and small. Contact Brush Mate if your favourite stockist is not yet stocking Brush Mate Products. We can give you the name of those nearest you who have your Brush Mate in stock.

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