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Paint Brush Storage in Blackpool

Paint Brush Storage in Blackpool With Brush Mate’s top-quality paint brush storage in Blackpool you can save time, money and effort.  We provide smart, simple and cost-effective storage solutions for professional decorators and DIY enthusiasts. Our T20 and T4+ ranges are ideal to store brushes indefinitely and prevent them from hardening. They help you to save money on solvents and take care of your brushes. The system’s unique vapour action means there are no messy, smelly spills in your vehicle or storage area, your brushes are ready for use the next time you need them and the unit can be carried conveniently back and forth. The T20 unit is tough and long-lasting, with a steel body and chunky nylon lid. It holds up to 20 brushes and comes with a 250ml bottle of fluid and drip mat. The steel carrying handle provides easy grip for convenient transportation. The stable design of the unit allows for safe travel. The T4+ is designed for smaller projects. It can hold 4 brushes, and has an impregnated vapour pad. So there’s no fluid required.

You can buy Brush Mate products at any of our authorised stockists. In Blackpool, paint brush storage is made easy with these simple, practical solutions. The fluid that’s used in the T20 should be carefully handled after reading the hazard warning on the label. Generally, health and safety are not an issue. However, it’s important to keep these products out of reach of children and pets. Brushes can be stored indefinitely between projects in the T20 without fear of their drying or rusting. Traditional brush storage methods involve keeping them dipped in jars of solvent. This results in bristles bending and the ferrule portion getting rusty. The system is suitable for use with oil based paints and varnishes. It does not work with water based paints.

You can use the system for paint brush storage in Blackpool with any type of brush except those with copper or brass ferrules and rivets. The powerful solvent vapour will corrode these products and produce the secretion of a thick, green liquid. For more information about our paint brush storage system, contact Brush Mate. Along with our products, you get a complete lifetime warranty.

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