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Paint Brush Storage in Blackpool

Paint Brush Storage in BlackpoolPaint brush storage in Blackpool has been a plague upon painting contractors and DIYers forever. In fact, everything to do with putting fresh paint on interior and exterior surfaces has always had people looking for a better way. Oil based paint, stain and varnish was once the tools of interior decorators. Jars of turpentine and linseed oil with paint brushes soaking inside lined the basement shelf in hopes the brushes would self-clean alone there in the dark. Paint splattered clothing was stored away until the next paint job because the paint never came out of fabric or anything else. Paper hats made from newspaper were used to protect hair from the paint drips. The wobbly wood ladder was decorated with reminders from generations of painting projects. Many a bucket of paint tumbled from the top step.

One by one, many of those problems have been solved with dripless water based paint, ladders with wide tops to secure paint trays, and all of it easily cleaned up with warm sudsy water. In Blackpool, paint brush storage meant leaving the brushes out to dry after washing with water. But that didn’t really solve the problems of paint brush cleaning. There were always bits of paint left behind even though we scrubbed so hard the brush bristles looked like split ends. Then there was the rust streaks. Then of course, not everything could be painted with water based paint. So until recently, the worst part of the job, which is cleaning the brushes, still was not resolved.

Brush Mate came up with a solution for paint brush storage in Blackpool that is effective and easy. Go ahead and buy the finest paint brushes because with Brush Mate, you’ll be able to use them for years. It’s the greatest innovation from Brush Mate, known for their diligence in improving the tools of the decorator. Contact Brush Mate today to find out more about our paint brush storage system. The Brush Mate is a sturdy metal box with a carrying handle. Inside are clips to hold paint brushes; one holds four and the other up to twenty brushes. Immediately after use, clip your paint brushes inside the box, drop in a Vapour Mate packet, close the lid securely and forget about the brushes until you need them again. Then open the box and find your brushes clean, soft and ready to use again. For professional and amateur decorator, your job just got easier.

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