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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Paint Brush Storage in Birmingham

Paint Brush Storage in BirminghamBrush Mate is synonymous with top-quality paint brush storage in Birmingham. Originally started as Trade 20, a wet paint brush care and storage system, today we have added more effective and better variations to improve the lot of professional painters and hobbyists alike. This unique storage and cleaning system changed the lives of professionals, for whom the satisfaction and joy of a job done well was hampered by spillage, messes, bent brush bristles and rusty ferrules. Cleaning and storage of brushes was a daunting task and worse still was to find unclean, hardened brushes the next morning despite keeping them soaked in jars of solvents or water. Many a time good brushes just had to be discarded for lack of a good cleaning system that was easy and inexpensive. That is, until Brush Mate’s clever inventions came into being – the miraculous Trade 20 and Trade 4+

This time-saving, effective system vapor cleans the brushes inside a closed unit, unlike manually, where cleaning with liquids, makes it both messy and time consuming. In Birmingham, paint brush storage is also cost-saving. Brushes last longer when cleaned and stored this way. The Trade-20 holds up to twenty brushes and comes with a 250 ml fluid bottle and drip mat to prevent messes. It has a sturdy design, making  it an ideal mate for the professional painter on the move. The Trade 4+ is meant for the hobbyist or can be used for smaller jobs. This unit holds four large brushes and contains a vapor mate pad, making it handy and less messy. The advantages of our excellent paint brush storage systems are many. They can be instantly cleaned and stored for any length of time. Brushes are ready for immediate use any time and retain their original quality.

Brush Mate’s efficient system for paint brush storage in Birmingham is indeed, every painter’s dream. These units are available with all local or regional dealers including well-known paint supply and hardware stores  in most towns. For more information about innovative paint brush storage, contact Brush Mate. We believe that behind every successful painter there has to be a Trade-20 or Trade 4+ from Brush Mate!

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