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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Save Your Paintbrushes with an Innovative Paint Brush Storage in Blackpool

Paint Brush Storage in BlackpoolIf you are looking for paint brush storage in Blackpool,  you’ll be excited to find our Brush Mate 24 brush storage  system. This innovative paintbrush storage system has a number of excellent advantages over your usual method of storing your paintbrushes. When you store wet gloss and varnish brushes in jars of water or solvents it is time-consuming, costly and rather messy. The ferrules of the brush rust, its bristles bend, paint will harden and there will undoubtedly be spills. You will be pleased to find a new, exciting alternative.

Do you often have to throw away your paintbrushes after storing? In Blackpool, paint brush storage is now easy, convenient, and will save on buying new paintbrushes. The Brush Mate 24 paintbrush storage system is a unique design, specially created for those who regularly work with paint. It has a unique vapour system that allows you to store your paintbrushes, regardless of whether they are still wet from the day’s work. All you need to do is simply clip your brushes into the Brush Mate Trade 20, and let it do the rest. It is a rugged box with a chunky nylon lid and a steel body. It is easy to use and to transport as it has a steel carrying handle. You can store up to 20 brushes at a time, and its stable design means there will be no more spills. It has a specially formulated solvent which fills the product with a vapour. This vapour then prevents the paint on the brushes from drying. The solvent is drawn from a bottle and up a wick onto the central vaporiser panel.

Paint brush storage in Blackpool has never been so easy and so convenient. To find out more about our paintbrush storage system, or your nearest supplier, contact Brush Mate today. You can forget about spending hours cleaning dirty, paint-covered brushes, with this system, your paintbrushes are ready to use when you need them. No fuss, no bother. It also prolongs the life of your paintbrushes so it is also a cost-saving product.

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