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How Often Should You Replace Paintbrushes?

How Often Should You Replace Paintbrushes?How often should you replace paintbrushes? The answer does depend on the condition of your paintbrushes. It also depends on the type of paintbrushes you have and how well you look after them. As such, different types of paintbrushes have different lifespans. An example is a paintbrush with natural fibres. This type of paintbrush, with proper maintenance, should last up to 5 years. A synthetic paintbrush, one with nylon and polyester fibres can last up to 3 years. On the other hand, a polyester paintbrush can last for up to a year. The lifespan length of each type of paintbrush is dependent on how well you care and maintain the paintbrush.

Replace old and worn paintbrushes

When your paintbrush is old and worn, it won’t perform as it should. As such, replacing your paintbrushes also depends on how often you use them. Another point to consider is that if your paintbrush is bushy and does not have its original shape, it is time to replace them.  In a nutshell, looking after your paintbrushes correctly will ensure a longer lifespan. Thus, this means you won’t have to replace them regularly. If you are wondering about how best to clean and care for your paintbrushes, Brush Mate is an excellent plan. With Brush Mate, there is no need to continue storing your paintbrushes in jars of water or solvent. This innovative system uses a vapour to thoroughly clean your paintbrushes so they are ready for use when you need them.

Excellent advantages

Your paintbrush bristles will not bend, nor will the ferrules rust. In fact, you will extend the life span of all your paintbrushes by using this system. In addition, you can conveniently store the paintbrushes in the sturdy Brush Mate container. This means that they receive a clean and will be ready for use as soon as you need them. This system offers huge benefits. As such, the biggest advantage is that you won’t have to replace your paintbrushes as often as you did before. Furthermore, the Brush Mate system is an affordable option, offering many years of use.

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