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How Do You Store Paint Brushes Between Paintings?

Store Paint Brushes How do you store paint brushes between paintings is an interesting a valid question. Many painters find that storing their paint brushes is one of the hardest parts of their vocation. When a paint brush dries, the left over paint on the stock can harden. This can cause damage to the paint brush. On the other hand, leaving your paint brushes in a liquid also has detrimental effects. The bristles start to bend or degrade. In addition, the ferrule is likely to rust. However, there is an excellent solution. It is perfect for the full time and weekend painter. Brush Mate is an innovative paint brush storage system that is perfect for your paint brush storage.

A number of painters keep their wet paint brushes in plastic overnight. While this may help for the short term, it is not an adequate long-term solution. Using the Brush Mate paint brush storage system alleviates any of the typical paint brush storage issues. Our Brush Mate Wet Paint Brush Storage System uses vapour, not liquid, to store your brushes. This, in turn, eliminates the problem of rust as well as the mess. Simply clip your brushes to the sides, suspend them in the box, and you won’t damage or bend the bristles. They will have complete coverage by the vapour.  This keeps brushes soft and pliable for months, ready to use again whenever you need them. No mess, no fuss, ever. And, you won’t have to worry about how you store paint brushes between paintings.

To store paint brushes between paintings, remember Brush Mate. It is convenient and effective.  Our Trade 20 is designed for commercial professional use, and can hold up to twenty large paintbrushes at a time. The smaller Trade 4+ is handy for the DIY painter or studio artist and just as effective. You are welcome to  and find out more about our innovative system. We’re happy to answer any questions you have. We’ll also provide a quote. It is easy to store paint brushes between paintings with our innovative Brush Mate system.

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