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How Do I Save My Paint Brushes for the Next Day

paint brushesAre you an artist wondering “how do I save your paint brushes for the next day?” You do not need to worry anymore. We have affordable and practical solutions to help protect your favourite paintbrushes so that you can use them longer. Buying paintbrushes every time you have a project can be expensive. With our solution, we help you reuse and bond with your paintbrushes to continue creating stunning art pieces. The money for buying new brushes, can be invested in something else that will be more beneficial.

First steps

For many years we continue to provide wet paint brush storage to our customers. “How do I save my paint brushes for the next day?” is a question we often hear. Thus, we have, on offer, a reputable solution that is sought after by many artists. As such, conventional wet paint brush storage methods are time-consuming, messy and costly. In addition, the brushes end up receiving damage as the bristles bend and the ferrules rust. Furthermore, our solution helps you enjoy your hobby and career by providing a storage method that is efficient and easy to use.

Speak to the professionals

So, are you still wondering how I save my paint brushes for the next day? Call Brush Mate today for information about our unique paintbrush storage solutions. We have the brush bucket solution, TRADE 20 and TRADE 4+. The TRADE 4+ solution is suitable for small jobs. Our TRADE 20+ plus storage solution is ideal for professionals. If you have a large domestic or commercial painting project, our Brush Bucket storage solution is best. The benefits of using our paintbrush storage methods include longer brush life, no bent bristles and no rusty ferrules. Moroever, our solutions ensure that your brushes are ready for immediate use without cleaning,  you can store wet paint brushes instantly, and you avoid time wastage on cleaning brushes. Furthermore, our products are available at affordable rates and are guaranteed to save you money.

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