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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Effective, Versatile Paint Brush Storage in Surrey, Perfect for Your Needs

Paint Brush Storage in SurreyPaint brush storage in Surrey takes many forms. There is the gummy aluminium foil wrap method that is good for only 2 days and even then paint skin and rust will have to be skimmed off. Then there’s the plastic wrap method which is a little cleaner process until you try to peel the plastic off without getting paint on everything within two feet of you. How about a solution of warm soapy water for brushes used for water based paint and another of turpentine for brushes used for oil based paint. Open glass jars are usually the container of choice for these soaking methods. Coffee cans have been tried with a slit in the plastic lid for the brush handle. Unfortunately, most find the can rusts.

Have you ever helped anyone move house who did not have at least one dried up jar or can sitting in a basement window with a paintbrush in it? In Surrey, paint brush storage using these methods only puts off the inevitable. Sooner or later you have to clean those brushes by hand using one solution or another. The only other option is to just forget about them soaking there in the basement. You’ll go buy another paint brush when you need it. None of those are good solutions for professional painters and avid do-it-yourselfers. To do a good job, you need excellent tools and those can be costly. You don’t just throw them out between jobs.

Brush Mate is the solution to your paint brush storage in Surrey. We manufacture the Trade 20 which holds twenty brushes and the 4+ for just a few brushes. The sturdy container holds the wet brushes securely clipped inside. You drop in a vapour mate, close the lid and in a short time, the brushes are clean and ready to use. There is nothing to spill, no mess to clean up and brushes are like new. Or, you can leave the brushes in there for months and they will still be ready to use when you need them. Contact Brush Mate for more information on this time saving and brush saving cleaning method. The Brush Mate Box will sit safely in your van for a quick clean at the end of the day. They will be ready for the next project as soon as you open your Brush Mate again.

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