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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Convenient, Easy and Affordable Paint Brush Storage in Edinburgh

Paint Brush Storage in EdinburghConvenient, easy and affordable paint brush storage in Edinburgh is available just a call away.

We’re the pioneers in innovative and smart solutions for both DIY enthusiasts and professional decorators. Our best selling products can save you money, time and effort. These products are now an indispensable piece of equipment. We have several convenient options to match your specific requirements. Our paint storage helps to safely store your favourite, expensive brushes immediately. You can store them for as long as you want, and still have them ready whenever they’re needed. Unlike traditional methods, Brush Mate doesn’t require liquids. Instead, we use vapour. This eliminates the problem of rusty ferrules and bent bristles.

For painting enthusiasts in Edinburgh, paint brush storage provided by our company ensures that you don’t waste valuable time cleaning brushes. This method protects your brushes and prolongs their life. Most painters have favourite brands and models of brushes. The right brush makes all the difference to the quality of the job. It’s why most painters invest heavily in good quality products. In the midst of a project if you have a short break, leaving your brushes coated in wet paint makes them stiff and dry. For longer breaks, some painters may wrap them and leave them overnight. As such, this is messy and unreliable.

Paint brush storage in Edinburgh from Brush Mate is the perfect solution. Furthermore, when the project is done, cleaning your brushes is very important. However, the conventional method of soaking them in jars of solvent is both messy and inconvenient. although, you can’t transport these jars safely in your car. For more details, contact Brush Mate. Further, our handy buckets or carrying-cases can hold up to 20 brushes. Moreover, they come with a drip mat and fluid, with a sturdy handle for easy transportation.

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