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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Choose Paint Brush Storage in Surrey – a Fabulous Storage Solution

Paint Brush Storage in Surrey Save time, money and effort with our amazing paint brush storage in Surrey.

Our firm has been a pioneer in this field more than forty years. We have introduced innovations that have altered the way decorators and DIY enthusiasts work. Our revolutionary designs for storing and cleaning paintbrushes has helped to instil stress-free, systematic and timely working conditions. What sets us apart from others in this business is our constant innovation and research in the field. We regularly introduce new products and methods designed to make your job easier. Our unique vapour based system doesn’t use messy liquids that could spill during transportation. This method also required storing used brushes in solvents for a long time before they could be fully cleaned. If you were taking a break mid-job, you had to dunk the brush in a jar of solvent till you returned. This damaged the bristles and rusted the ferrule.

For artists and painters in Surrey, paint brush storage helps to keep your brushes fresh and ready for use whenever you need them. This is especially useful if you use oil based paints. You can also transport the unit in your van so that your expensive brushes remain safe with you. Brush Mate is designed as a container that can hold from 4 to 20 brushes. Our latest innovation, the Brush Bucket, is a boon to the professional decorator. While some customers may wonder whether it is cost-effective, in the long run you save a tidy sum by being able to re-use your brushes for a much longer time. Many painters have their own favourite brushes that may not be available in stock the next time they go to the hardware store.

Our unique paint brush storage in Surrey is the answer to your cleaning problems. Contact Brush Mate today for further details. Your brushes look sparkling new after a thorough clean in their vapourised container. The cleaner fluid is biodegradable, and doesn’t give off any noxious fumes. This allows the professional and the DIY painter to spend most of her/his time doing what they love most – painting. Cleaning brushes is a tedious chore that used to take up a large chunk of your time.

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