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Wet Paint Brush Storage Systems & Accessories

Choose an Innovative Method for Paint Brush Storage in Preston

Paint Brush Storage in PrestonYour decorating tasks are made easier with our hassle-free paint brush storage in Preston. If you have ever had to step away in the middle of a painting job, then you understand the value of wet paint brush storage systems. Without efficient storage options, your paintbrushes will dry out and lose their quality prematurely. Our wet paint brush storage options allow you to clip yr brushes away without cleaning them. You can resume your painting tasks any time from a few hours to months later without having to clean or change your brushes. Our paintbrush storage containers come with a special vapour system that protects your brushes. The vapour prevents the brushes from hardening. With our storage solutions, your brushes will remain pliable for longer.

Our storage solutions can help you to save time and money during the preparation of your painting jobs. In Preston, our paint brush storage options vary with the type f operations you carry out. Our standard paint brush storage equipment is the Trade 20 and Trade 4+ systems. Trade 20 is ideal for professional painters. It consists of a steel lidded container that can hold up to 20 brushes. The brush mate trade 20 also comes with a 250 ml fluid container and drip mat. The brush mate trade 4+ is a smaller container that can hold four large brushes. Instead of the fluid solution in trade 20, the trade 4+ comes with an impregnated Vapour Mate pad. The Trade 4 + paint brush storage solution is ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

If you are in the market for paint brush storage in Preston, come to us. We have the most efficient storage solution you can find. Our designs are easy to carry and prevent spillage during transport. We can provide the full range of spare parts and accessories necessary for a lifetime of service. If you would like to order any of our paint brush storage solutions, contact Brush Mate now. Our staff always makes time to talk and listen to our customers’ needs so as to offer the best solution available.

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