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Can You Wrap Paintbrushes in Cling Film?

Can You Wrap Paintbrushes in Cling Film?We have heard many painters asking, “Can you wrap paintbrushes in cling film?” Well, if you need a quick DIY solution to store your paintbrush overnight, then you can consider clingfilm. However, we have a better brush storage solution. Instead of wrapping one brush at a time, our brush storage buckets enable you to store multiple brushes together. We have storage solutions for four brushes and 20 brushes, depending on the size of your project. We can help you store wet paint brushes instantly for any length of time. Your brushes can be ready for immediate use without cleaning. Cling film storage is ideal for short-term storage, but our solution is limitless.

Our brush storage solution is clean and applicable in several settings. Can you wrap your paintbrushes in cling film? Is a question with a conditional answer. If you don’t need to keep your brushes for long-term use, you can use cling film for temporary storage. Yet, our storage solutions can prolong brush life, and prevent bent bristles and rusty ferrules. We use a unique vapour system in brush buckets to keep your brushes soft and pliable. Our solution keeps your brush ready for immediate re-use hours, days or even months after storage. Our method also helps painters save time since you don’t need to clean your brush before storage.

The question “Can you wrap your paint brushes in cling film?” is limited when you consider our storage solution. Our solution prevents messes and saves time. Placing your dirty or wet brush in our bucket takes considerably less time than wrapping each brush in cling film. Cling film storage can also be messy when wrapping or unwrapping your brush. Contact Brush Mate today if you need a flexible paintbrush storage solution. Our solutions are suitable for oil-based paints and varnishes. Our brush buckets are also easy to carry and move while painting.

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