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Can You Store Paint Brushes In Water?

Can You Store Paint Brushes In Water?As an experienced painter you would know the right answer to the question can you store paint brushes in water?

It’s a resounding “No!” It’s the best way to ruin your brushes. Storing paint brushes in water damages the bristles. Hence, the ferrule could rust and work the bristles loose. Furthermore, if you have used oil based paint, water would not be the right solvent to clean your brushes. Thus, in case you’re working with acrylic or latex, you could use water to wash the brushes clean. But never store your brushes in water. Wipe them dry and separate the bristles immediately. As such, the best alternative is to choose a professional product such as BrushMate.

It’s not difficult to understand why you cannot store paint brushes in water. Hence, most painters have a favourite set of brushes that give them the best results. Like all expert craftspersons, they value and preserve the tools that they use. Good quality paint brushes are expensive, and your local hardware store may not always have them in stock. Whether you’re a professional painter or a DIY enthusiast, you’ll find this to be a great system. Our wet brush storage system makes life easier for you. Our products are in sync with all your work requirements. We have several options to suit your unique needs. The Trade 20 holds up to 20 brushes and is designed for the professional. Trade 4+ is the right choice for DIY work and general use. It holds up to 4 large brushes.

You will never ask the question “Can you store paint brushes in water?” once you use BrushMate. Our products are suitable for oil based paints and varnishes. They are available with authorised stockists and directly from our online store. Make sure you service and maintain them properly. Therefore, you can store your brushes indefinitely if you take good care of your BrushMate. For more details or assistance, contact BrushMate today. You can safely forget about spills, inconvenient storage and transportation and damage to your brushes.With our BrushMate system, your brushes will be work ready at all times.

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